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A River Runs Through It

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Text From Students Fall 2013

Posted by River Huston on Thu, Oct 03, 2013 @ 02:27 PM

Here are some of the text questions I received and answered during my show SEXED this fall, 2013. They are unedited. If I did not answer your question or you would like to have the answers to all these questions you can buy my ebook, SEXED: Tales of A Textrix. It is a straightforward book with researched answers to everything you ask me. It is $1 and this money goes to helping me present in places such as India and Africa. Thanks!

Also if you want too stay up to date on your sex facts follow me at:


How many orgasms can a woman have?


What is your favorite position?


R 3somes ok?


I get a rock hard torpedo when I see my basketball teammates shower. Am I gay?


Is anal sex good for your prostate?


How do you tell someone you want to have sex, without making it awkward.

Oral, anal, or vaginal sex???


Are you down to fish?


What’s the best vibrator


How long should you wait to have sex after your period?


So you have had a three some how many times????:)))  do you wanna have another one tonight?


Is it better to not date throughout college?


What is the technique to make a girl squirt?


What's the longest you have ever taken?


Is opposite color ok?


Is ear sex ok


Does piercing your clit make a bigger orgasm?


what if I needed a friend to talk to about things would u b willing to be that friend


What should I do if I'm hooked to a guy?


Are you still abstinent ?


what if you want to have sex, how do you come across letting people know?


How'd you get aids?


do you know if there's a free clinic in Hoboken? Where can I get birth control in Hoboken?


I've never been to the GYN but I think I should because I've had sex a lot... what do you think?


How do you ask someone if they have an std without offending them?


Would you recommend the pill?


will you hand out condoms?


Were those guys that raped you ever charged?


Why do some girls like anal sex?


What did the girls ask?


What are the girl’s questions


Cum faster in car than bed when with girl


It doesn’t matter how far you run, god still loves you


What about open relationships? How do you deal with them?


Favorite Oral sec method?


Should I double bag it


Do we get a discount if we use your name to buy a vibrator?


How many times have you had sex?


Favorite sex toy?


How do u choose the right condom?


How do you delay an orgasm


Do poop and sex mix?


Do u have plans tonight ;)


Best location you had sex?


Favorite position?


my parents are really against sex. im not. what do I do?


do we all get free condoms?!


Do you like anal


Are you married


what about flavored condoms?


Tips for buying condoms


Is Anal safer.? Do the ladies love it


If you’re SO tells you he/she has been raped, is it normal to feel disgusted? If so, how do you get over it?


What if you cum before the girl does? Do you put on another one and keep going?


Best sex toy?


Does douching work?


Can you talk about the ambiguity of rape in the female perspective vs. male perspective? I've seen the horrors that sexual assault can do on any gender, and most guys don't know enough to ask during sexual times (repeatedly, sometimes) if a girl is comfortable and okay with the activities going on.


Sexual assault is terrible, thanks for doing what you do


What’s your favorite sex position?


Do I put my balls in the condom?


Easiest way to make her cum?


What is your fetish


Should we still use a condom if she is on birth control?


What if you cum before the girl does? Do you put on another one and keep going?


I'm convinced girls are not attracted to penis' is that true?


What if you cum before the girl does? Do you put on another one and keep going?


Anything else important for safe gay sex?


What’s the chance of a condom breaking?


Can a vagina be too big for a guy’s penis? If so how can u have sex?


Can you use condoms in the shower/pool?


What about the other end of the spectrum; it's sometimes hard to maintain an erection.


Do the penis enlarger ads on porn sites work?


What if you cum before the girl does? Do you put on another one and keep going?


What do you do with flavored condoms?


Does anal really hurt


What’s the best method of having sex in a dorm room? Like signaling roommates?


How many people in an orgy is too many?


If you have a threesome, do you add the hotness scale together?


Should I try on a donut?


Do women prefer length or width


Sex in dorm?


What if she try's to touch your butt hole?


I had sex for the first time .it was with a girl who is already dating someone else. what should I do?


What's the story with the g spot? Girls and guys


How should you react if a girl queefs?


What happens if you get poop on your dick from anal?


how do you get her to agree to a threesome with another girl?


Id be happy to talk to you about Jesus. I’m not sure where you are at with your relationship with him but have lived both lives and I can guarantee you there is nothing more fulfilling, where you will get more happiness, than a purpose filled life with Christ. God uses the unequipped(bible quote)


I've had only one sexual partner and I'm her only sexual partner. She's on bc and we used a condom for a while, we don't any more but she's still on bc is that okay? :)


How do you get a women to orgasm before you do


Is it okay for a man to not cum during sex?


How to keep the girls coming back?


just the last sentence was a bible quote


About how long should foreplay last?


Should I give my penis a name?


Ms. Huston, is it alright to not come yourself but please your woman to orgasm?


What is best way to give a girl great oral sex?


Which is better, landing strip or ball fro?


why are we in the mood 100% of the time but the girls not so much


Is Anal safer.? Do the ladies love it


How many women squirt?


how can you make vagina taste better?


Refrigerator a good place to keep condoms?


Haven't had sex w/ her but she only orgasms from her clitoris. Will it be hard for her to finish from vaginal sex?


Cut and uncut.  Preference, what to do with each, differences.


I had unprotected oral sex with girl who know has had a lot of sex. She said she didn't have any stds... I don't know if she has been tested. Should I get tested and where should I go to get tested


This isn't a sex question but thank you for your presentation today. It was very entertaining and educational!


What condom do you recommend?


What does it mean if sex never feels good but it doesn’t hurt


Is it okay if I eat if from the back with her face buried in the pillow.


What should I do if my boyfriend wants a 3way?


What's your fav sex position


What do I do if I'm used to having sex and now I won't see my boyfriend for two months?


How old are you?


I love you


We wanna hear how you became a sex teacher


You are popping


Is it true it's not the size if the ship but the motion of the ocean


Will you marry me


Do you have kids ?


You're very inspiring (:


Most awkward sexual experience?


What's your favorite condom brand?


Hey!!! You're awesome!! And so brave to have gone through so much. Very inspiring!


If you weren't a sex educator what would you be doing?


You single?


How can women reach orgasm


How did you put the condom on the penis with your mouth did you practice ?


Thank u 4 sharing & being such an inspiration! U rock


Can u get pregnant from giving a beej


When did you lose your virginity


My sister is a recovering alcoholic ad sex and love addict. She was raped by her boyfriend and is over 3 months sober and celibate since then. Thank you so much. I'm going to give her your number, is that alright?


How old were you when you first had anal intercourse?


Is it true sex is healthy !!!


Do guys hate boobs that are so big that they're kinda saggy?


How is anyone supposed to have sex when you’re stuck in a dorm with one other person and almost no privacy?


What’s the easiest way to get anal?


how many people have you had sex with


How great is your sex life ?

Is anal sex ok?


what's Sperm taste like?


How much protein is in a pint of a dude’s semen


What's the best sex you ever had?


What color vibrator should I buy?


Have u ever done anal


What kind of dudes are u into. I'm wearing a white shirt


How can women reach orgasm


What about transgender people?


Did you masturbate today?


Do you recommend a certain age to start having sex?


Serious question. Is it true that your penis shrinks if you masturbate too much?


Thanks for sharing your story about being sexually assaulted. That was really brave.


does everyone squirt or is it a talent?


Can girls ejaculate


You are such a strong woman. Thank you for sharing your story ❤


What time do you think is to long for having sex?


I was in a sexually abusive relationship for 4 years and I didn't know until a speaker like you talked rob me. Domestic abuse is not talked about or the signs.


How can a guy last longer?


are you married?


What’s your fad porn site


Talk about rape culture?


I think you are sexy!


What's your sexuality??


Do girls have to come


What's your favorite brand of condom?


How can you get over fears of communicating sexual desires?


Is it okay to have sex without a condom when you’re on birth control


Have you ever quaffed


Is it true that black guys have bigger dicks


How many penises can someone put in their anus


Why do some girls like to deep throat me so much?


Would you have sex with John Stamos


Is anal illegal


How do I game a lady of you age?


What's the best sex you ever had?


I am allergic to latex, are there alternatives?


What's your favorite brand of condom?


Are foot jobs normal?


Shaved pubes or keep it furry?


is anal pleasurable?


What if you're a squirter?


is cum good for a girls skin?


Is there a great risk of condoms breaking?


What position do u suggest


How was you being rape affect your sex life? Trust problems?


Can u get pregnant if a girl is on her period?


If anyone here wants CONFIDENTIAL counseling/ support for sexual assault, they can contact AVI (the home of Green Dot). :-)


Thank you.


Is it weird to have really kinky fetishes? I love getting fisted and I'm a guy

Is it weird that I like rim jobs?


Do you have kids? If you do you are probably the greatest mom ever




Can u get pregnant from another animal, Or a parent

Or a baby


Can u get pregnant if a girl is on her period?


What is the kinkiest thing you ever did


What's your favorite brand of condoms?


Is there a way to make losing your virginity hurt less?


What's it called when you put your penis in the foreskin of another mans penis?


What makes vaginas smell? Eating my ex gf out was not too pleasant..


I think I'm allergic to sperm. How do I find out? And what do I do if I am?


Are u still married


Why does vagina taste like coins?


Is it consenting if I'm only tipsy?


How do you tell someone that they come too quick ?


What was the biggest you've ever had?


What's your opinion on anal plugs


What are your books called? :)


My dad dick slapped me as punishment when I was a child



Can you get pregnant by sucking a dick then spitting it into your vagina


Do you recommend a certain age to start having sex? If so what age?


Do pocket pussies work?


"I am the way the truth and the life"-John 14:6


Thanks a bunch for coming to TCNJ today!


I want to have sex with someone I used to date but I don't know if he's using me or wants me. What to do? I want him too but don't want to feel used and thrown

in the trash


What is squirting?????


What is the biggest penis you have ever encountered?


What’s fisting?


Can you use fruit roll ups as dental dams?


How come girls rarely orgasm but guys always do


How can I convince a sober girl to have sex with me?


River just wanted to say you're gorgeous. Also what's the biggest penis you've seen


You down to fuck?


Is it true that girls have to pee after sex to prevent a yeast infection?


Have you ever done anal?


Hey is it normal to have a clitoris the size of a catchers mitt?


How did you stop being angry after your assault?


Why are refractory periods for men so much greater than women?


Can you tell if a guy is clean by looking at his penis?


Have you ever sucked dick before and if so how do you do it?


Is it weird to be a virgin at 18?


Do you suggest a condom for gay sex if both partners are clean?


What sex position gives the female the best orgasm


why is it so hard for a girl to orgasm?


R u single?!


Let the ladies know to be gentle with the balls :) any recommended positions?


thank you so much! it was amazing!!


How do you give someone a bj properly and how do eat someone out?


If you are on the nuvaring/ pill and you've both been tested and clean so you don't use a condom, can guys come inside you?


Will tampons break a girl's hymen?


I'm really afraid to have sex. Is that normal? I feel like everyone my age isn't a virgin anymore except me.


Is having sex with farm animals a safe alternative if you wear a condom?


I want to have sex but I don't wanna feel used


How long should it take the average male to reach an orgasm


Do you poop after anal?


I'm so sorry you went through so much, but you're a magnificent person who has probably saved lives with the work you do. Thank you for being so strong


Also thank you for sharing your power with us today, thank you for that.


Is there anything I can do to make my vagina a bit tighter?


How does birth control work?


How can I give a better blowjob?


What do you think is the best position for beginners


If my boyfriend was raped, should I try to get him help even if he claims he's over it (and I'm not sure he is)?


I'm too nervous to talk to anyone, what do?


You're Awesome!!!!!!


What do you do if your condom breaks before orgasm but while inside??


Did you ever speak at Hillsborough High School?


Can I have directions to the clitoris?


What’s a chode?


Why do some girls squirt and some girls not?


Is it a turn off if you’re not a virgin


Thank you!


How safe is "dry" non penetrative sex without protection?


If I had a drunk hook up that I regret how do I learn to forgive myself


I'm a woman, and I've never had an orgasm. What should I do?


What if my girlfriend is too tight?


why do chains and whips excite Rihanna?


Why do I occasionally get soft in the middle of sex


What do I do if I have been friend zoned early


Do guys like it when I bite their dick?


I can't talk to women where should I start?


How do I solve my excessive masturbating problem


What is a slut? How do I find out


How do you have safe oral sex?


My heterosexual guy best friend got drunk and a guy gave him a blowjob that he didn't want. It's really bothering him and he won't talk about it, should I try to talk to him?


For guys, how can you last longer in bed?


I'm a girl and I get teased by my siblings for masturbating...what should I say to them?


If your sober should you literally just ask your partner for sex


What is the best way to turn a girl on?


Why is there stigma with stds


Do all penises for


Sometimes when I ejaculate I bleed what’s up with that?


You're Awesome!!! Thanks for being a guest speaker!!!


Hi river I know you are probably busy, but do you know if there are any places on campus or close by to get tested and get a pap smear. I just want to know but I’m too scared to ask someone where it is


Thanks for the talk today. I was sexually abused when I was younger so I absolutely relate and it was so brave of you to share your story!


We are currently reminiscing on your presentation, thanks much!


I wana do such dirty things to your mouth I wana swim in your.... River


What is the first step to real change? I don't think the answer has anything to do with acceptance of yourself


What if you know a guy whose never been tested, had a partner who came back positive for herpes, yet still refuses to get tested? He says he went but they wouldn't test him because he didn’t have symptoms but still continues to have unprotected sex with other people  This is from someone else


But he still has u protected  sex*


Paine is the muse of all creativity.

Where can I see your work.


My best friend tested positive for genital herpes A few months ago. She told me and I helped her thru the initial shock of it. She hasn’t brought it up and I feel bad bringing it up, but I want to know how she is with it ad for her to know im still here. How do I go abt doing that?


Do gay girls need condoms?


I have a long term boyfriend. I'm on birth control and we are both faithful to the best of my knowledge. We don't use condoms: OK or not OK?


Would you mind terribly if I texted you later? When I actually have a decent question? Please?


You're beautiful :)


This is a bit off topic but how did you find out what you wanted to do with your life?


Hey. I know you said you don't check your texts but just so you know the speech you gave is probably the most inspirational life changing speech I've ever heard. You are honestly amazing and I'm so glad you learned to love yourself cause I sure as hell enjoy you ha-ha


Is anal fun?


Is it weird if I squirt?


Is it true that if you don’t use it, you lose it?


How big does ur penis have to b to b good in bed?


How does anal feel. Receiving it, does it really hurt?


Rowan University

should I ever double  bag it?


So you got arrested?


Why did you get arrested?


Does no mean yes, and yes mean anal?


How do I find a way to love myself


what happened to the hot guy who went to get tested with you?


How big do u like your dicks


Does your name hold a special meaning?


Is raw dogging okay


Do you still talk to the guy you got tested with


God bless you.


What about triple bagging?


How did you not know you had HIV?


my boyfriend never where's a condom how do I get him too without causing problems


Why are boys so confusing


The tighter condom the better?


Did your college boyfriend test HIV positive?


Are you straight or a lesbian


How do I tell my boyfriend he has a small penis?


Can you give oral sex on a male while he’s wearing a condom


I love you


What ever happened to your boyfriend from college?


You real


Did your partner accept you because you had HIV? You are so courageous


You said you'd live 3 more years... Did you get better medicine


What happened to the girl you were with when you were 14 with those guys


How has having HIV changed your life


Were the men who assaulted you arrested?


Will you give me advice with the ladies, what is a solid sweet spot


What was your one-woman-show about?


Can we come hug you?


Do you still have sex even though you are HIV positive.


Tell a Sex joke!


Is twerking an acceptable sex position?


Or anything about it really, no one ever taught me about that.


You said you were told you only had a few years to live, does you being here mean you're healthy?


Still afraid of vampires?


What is the biggest step you have to take in order to love yourself. Greatest advice you have for these people what's something they all need to hear.


What should you do if the reservoir tip keeps getting filled up with you're penis


Did you marry your college sweet heart?


I just really want to make a girl sing


How did you get over the rape mentally did you get counseling


Have you ever done anal


Favorite position


Did you ever contact the police about those guys who raped you?


What's the craziest thing you've ever done at a party?


You couldn't have protested the Vietnam war you're too young.


What’s your advice for keeping a relationship "fun" when separated by college?


Did you enjoy performing oral sex


What's up with the HIVs now?


Who is your brother that played in the NFL?


What happened to that one boy from college?


What happened once your boyfriend found out you had aids


how did you get a cure for your aids when they said you only had a good few years?


What if the girls on birth control?


How is your hiv doing today?


What happen to your 6 ft tall friend?


Can you show my girlfriend how to put the condom on with your mouth.


and are you going to be okay?


If you don't mind a more personal question, are you still HIV positive or has it turned into AIDs?


Sex after marriage


Is you husband the boyfriend who suggested the testing?


how long has it been since you leaned you were HIV positive


How do you increase your penis size?


Do you use the black dildo?


Will you marry me?


So your partner didn't get  have HIVs?


Can I put my penis in your brain?


How do I tell my boyfriend he has a small penis?


Do you always use protection


Do you have kids? Can you have kids?


So you still have sex? If so, is it the bomb?


Are you not religious?


How old are you?


How did your family feel about your test results?


You are a lovely and wonderful honest woman.


How can you tell if she's faking the big O?


Have you lived longer than they told you you'd live?


Can u let guys know that women shouldn't be seen as an object . Or portable vaginas ?

Best and worst pick up line


Is it the motion of the ocean or the size of the boat?


How do I tell my boyfriend he has a small penis?


Come on tell one


Have you ever tried that "swim" move in bed? :D


How long have you been HIV positive


Why did Jeffrey dahmer have a blender on his porch? He wanted to give everyone a "hand" shake


Do you have unlimited texting? Your bill must be crazy


Do you have a podcast/web show?


Do you talk to your mother still


Can you do any impressions?


Is there anything I can do to take that black dildo home with me?


Do u regret not going to the police after u were raped ?


Do you tell everyone that you have HIVs


What happened to your friend when you drank for the first time?


how old are you? you look so young.


Is it true bigger is better !


What was your biggest struggle with hiv


How many years were you hiv positive before you were tested?


Are you in a open relationship?


were you infected by the men who raped you?


your dress is pretty


My brother has been hiv pos since eighty one. That’s what I was going to ask was how long.


Do you talk to anyone in your family still?


What was your bone marrow disease called


What kind of music do you like?


So if you beat HIV, does that mean you'll live long now?


Do you have HIVs or aids?


You already have aids so do you still use a rubber?


Why are penises so ugly


Will you live a full life?


God bless you, you are a testament to the love that still exists within this universe. You are a warrior, a kind soul and an ambassador for true wealth;whi


Do you believe in God?


Sex cellulites and large farm equipment?


Do you talk to your mother still


Have you ever actually used ice cream as Doritos dip or was that a joke? If so how was it


What's the number of schools you have spoken at?


Do you like black guys


You're perfect.


Help why are boys confusing


my boyfriend never where's a condom how do I get him too without causing problems


How did you find out who gave you HIV?


How do you know if it is love or lust


Do you know how to twerk?


How do I tell my boyfriend he has a small penis ?


What's the best advice for someone who struggles with trust issues and jealousy in a relationship


Do you feel you are an inspirational speaker to people


You deserve the world and I'm thankful you didn't let bad things in your life stop you


Have you ever smoked weed? If yes, did you like it? If no, why are you a square


How many xhusbands?


That dress is fabulous thank you for greatness


How did you find the person you who gave you HIV


One word of advice for a girl who hasn’t even kissed a guy yet and is entering college?


What does your name mean? How were you named?


What do you do when the boy who likes you is to shy to talk to you?




Is there safe sex for lesbians ?


What do you do if the condom breaks?


Do you think that it’s smart for a guy to hold off casual sex in an attempt to find a good girlfriend during college?


I'm a man, nothing traumatic  has really happened to me but I struggle with depression. What advice do you have to help me like myself more


In first grade I was desperate for friends and not fully understanding what was going on I let another girl, I am female, use me sexually. Two years latter I went into counseling and have been in it most of my life. Now I struggle to think about sex much less talk about it and generally because of this I have trouble with my peers without lash backs or just feeling awkward. I don't blame myself I was to young but I want to be more comfortable with friends and I have no idea what to do. Do you have any suggestions.


What the F is a "G Spot"?!


Ray girl!! Can I pee in that butt?!


Why can't I get wet when drunk :<


Not a question. But you're an amazing person. God bless you river


How do you know if the condom is on the inside out




She's too small, I'm too big.  The damn thing just won't go in.  What do I do?




Have you had sex since you found out you were HIV positive


Why do people bleach their assholes?


Inspiration... Thank you


How does women's condom work ?


How do you put a condom on with your mouth?


Can you get pregnant if you don't use a condom yet are on the pill and pull out


Why can I get aroused easily when people talk about sex but when I try and master bate it takes me forever to get aroused


How do you have safe shower sex?


Will you be my girlfriend?(:


What's the average dick size?


What other disease were you diagnosed with that balanced out the AIDS?


Are group orgy's okay?


Is it weird if I squirt?


How many sexual partners is too many?


Could frequent shrinking - say, due to cold water - cause a penis to become smaller permanently?


Why did cum come out of my nose? Is that normal?


Is it dangerous to use 1 condom during threesome?


Do you ever get embarrassed by answering these questions? Lol.


What are guy’s opinions about pubic hair? / how often should I shave?


Can guys get raped?


What's the difference between jam and jelly?


Is it weird if your dad has seen your boner?


How do you deal with a selfish lover


Sex on period?


How high can a male ejaculate?


Are black men's dicks really bigger?


is it weird if I quief?


Can you get pregnant if you don't use a condom yet are on the pill and pull out


I've had an abortion. How do I get over the experience?


What is the best position to have an orgasm?


Was your rapist ever prosecuted?


Is it dangerous to use one condom during threesome?


Why is it so hard to have an orgasm as a girl during sex?


what's your advice for gays to stay safe?


Why do orgasms sometimes hurt


What to do if you get pregnant during college?


Anatomy of a queef?


What is the best position to have an orgasm?


I have a friend who was raped. She told me but doesn't like to talk about it. Should I bring it up to see if she wants to talk or let her come to me if she needs?


Is it okay to make home videos?


I keep a clean look but I'm afraid to shave my balls? Should I


Do you have a twitter?


Why is it unsafe to have sex in a hot tub?


How can you keep the spark alive in a long distance relationship


What is the best position to have an orgasm?


How close to your ass should you shave? Bleaching?


Is it normal I masturbate with a ping pong paddle


While giving head cum came out my nose when he that normal


How does women's condom work ?


Can you get pregnant if you don't use a condom yet are on the pill and pull out


Spit or swallow?


How do you get tested for oral herpes


How do they test for HIV? Do the stick a needle in your penis?


Is ok to have a pocket pussy?


Safe shower sex?


What's your opinion on munching box.. Better or worse than a hand?


What is the best position to have an orgasm?


Can semen get in a condom while putting a second condom on?


You are a beautiful person.


Do you give instructions on how to put a condom on with your mouth?


Thank you for sharing your story


After being raped how do you move on and be okay with romantic relationships and sex?


Did the guy who raped you, give you the disease?


I have been attracted to women for my whole life, but recently (about a year) ago, I found out I was also attracted to men. I am still more attracted to women, and have had experience, but what would you say for male on male intimacy?



Was the boy who raped you ever arrested? Have you seen him since? You mentioned that your mom didn’t talk to you after this incident, do you have a relationship with her now?


Are you interested in threesomes with two ladies? ;)


Have you ever dealt with sex addiction/know any tips on how to deal with it?


Did the guys that assaulted you get in trouble?


Do you remember the guys who raped you? If yes, if you saw them again what would you do?


How were you able to talk about it in therapy?


How do you have good sex?


Should you put condoms on sex toys.


Have you ever slept with a woman?


Do you know who gave you HIV?


Is it unhealthy to swallow?


So you can be satisfied?


Why is it bad to spit when giving a blowjob


I have no question...but I just want to say you’re just awesome !!!!!!!!!!!


How do u think ur life would have changed if ur boyfriend at the time never had u take the HIV test?


Do you regret going to that apartment?


Teach me how to put a condom on with my mouth girl!


Is it bad to masturbate everyday?


Do you have any advice for pregnant college girls?


Is it bad if you last longer than the girl


Is swallowing ok in a monogamous relationship


If you get tested with your significant other, is it okay to be unprotected on birth control? Or unprotected oral sex?


I really like this guy but things are moving really quickly and don't want it to seem like I don't know what I'm doing any suggestions


Can I text you anytime or just now?


Do you love sex?


Is unprotected oral sex with a woman not good just like swallowing semen from a man?


What if I have to pee during sex?


Is it bad to put your tongue in the vagina?


Fun fact: the Japanese translation for male masturbation mean "one hundred rubs" the kanji for female means "ten thousand rubs"


Er... Female masturbation I mean.


I heard that semen is good for you, something about vitamins in it. True or false?


Did being raped effect your sex life in the beginning?


So last weekend I was getting it up the butt and I have had none stop itching on my butt ever since. During this intercourse I accidently defecated onto my partners dick, is that why I am irritated in the area?


Are there any more mint condoms


Can your ending theme be "lets talk about sex"?


Are you a Christian?


Thank you River!! I hope you live a long happy life


How effective are dildos at helping rape victims overcome trauma


How did you get to where you are


Where is the g spot located?


How often do u have sex?


Are u giving out free condoms ?


Are you horny?


Were you a freak when you were younger


You’re awesome


Best position?


What's your sex life like?


How do you have bad sex with someone you love?


Have u tried anal?


How old we're you when you lost your virginity?


My boyfriend wants me to be dominant and be "mean" and he's really into bondage but it makes me feel uncomfortable, how can I do what he wants but still feel comfortable?


How do we discuss each other's fetishes?


How long did you practice that mouth condom combo?


How hard is it to break a condom during sex?


What are your thoughts on role play?


Into pulling hair?


You are awesome!


what's your best sexcapade?


My penis changes color on a regular basis. Please help me. I'm like a magic dildo.


Anal or vagina


Sex with my boyfriend always hurts. What are we doing wrong?




What if I have a fetish for rape?


Do u like black guys


I had to go to the library and do homework so I couldn't come to your show tonight :( but I saw it last year. Thanks for sharing you're stories, you're a fabulous person! :)


As a student with HIV listening to your story gives me hope that I can live a healthy life. Thanks for coming to campus every year


Do you have any advice for someone who wants to have sex but doesn't want a one night stand, and  masturbation is not cutting it?


Does cum have calories? Imp trying to lose weight.


Imp sorry to ask that that was before u said how u was assaulted


Boxers or briefs?


Is it possible to learn for a girl to squirt?


How good is the hot and cold condom?


You go girl!


WHAT AGE did you lose you virginity?


What if you can't get turned on?


What happened to the perfect guy?


as a person who was sexually harassed, I really feel so thankful that you are here to share your story and your helpful advice, along with making people aware, and that this is real life. thank you.


The same thing happened to my mom and she was told by her mom to not talk about it.

You said you did drugs, what drugs did you use? And which terminal illnesses did you have that balanced each other out?


Is reverse cowgirl better than doggy style?


Is crouching tiger hidden penis hard to do?


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Great Sex, Safe Sex, Consensual Sex

Posted by River Huston on Thu, Oct 18, 2012 @ 07:38 PM

Great Sex, Safe Sex, Consensual Sex

The keys to reaching these goals are communication and realization. It is about and making conscience choices and taking mindful action whether it is around a night of partying or having sex. To have a great sex life you need to own your choices, and be aware that you have the power to decide what you want to do with your sex life. Safe sex is about creating healthy habits and consensual sex is about lowing your risk by understanding how alcohol affects our decisions and actions.

Great Sex

The most important component to great sex is communication. It is important to understand your own sexual nature, desires and goals so you can communicate them through talking, showing and even texting (not sexting, just communicating clearly what you want to do in a text). Often we go with the flow, afraid to speak up and this can lead to actions that we really did not intend. Being able to clearly recognize what direction you want to go with your sex life and at the same time, if that includes another person, be able to talk about how far you want to go, the things that enjoyable to you and any issues you might have about sex. It is helpful to create an atmosphere where you can freely talk about what you like or don't like from the beginning.

Safe/Safer Sex

The crucial component to making safe and safer sex work is habit. Making safe sex a habit means that each and every time you have sex that it is safe sex. That there is no negotiation and safe sex is just how you have sex. It is not a judgment on you, the other person or the relationship. Safe sex works best when you are prepared. I once heard some one say, " Be prepared or prepare to fail." I believe this is very relevant to making safe sex an integrated part of your sex life.

Consensual Sex

There is epidemic of sexual assault, date rape, and rape, what ever you want to call it, it is happening on college campuses and beyond. There are a lot of assaults where you have not control and an assault can happen no matter how many precautions you take to lower your risk. You might be the survivor of incest or stranger rape. As a survivor of sexual assault I know how devastating this can be so it is crucial to learn how to take steps to prevent rape from happening whenever it is possible.

 The first realization is that on college campuses alcohol fuels this epidemic and to be aware that if you go out to party that is not the night to hook-up. You can flirt, get numbers, dance, stay in plain sight if you are going to be physical. Once you go off with someone whether you or they or both of you are intoxicated it is formula for miscommunication especially around sex. If you have sex with someone who is intoxicated it is rape even if both of you are under the influence. So first step is accepting alcohol and sex do not mix. You will make much better sexual choices sober. I believe it is better to see your partner in the light of day before having sex with them.


Sexuality is such a vocal point in our lives but rarely is it discussed in a frank and candid manner. I touched on a few components to sexual health and safety in this newsletter. In my program SEXED I go into more detail but more importantly I bring the students and audience into the conversation through texting and interactive exercises.  

Students get talked at all the time about safety I believe by making a presentation interactive it can go in the direction each individual audience wants to take it. I believe in humor when addressing difficult topics and getting everyone involved so I try to create a talk show atmosphere where no presentation is the same but the goals of great sex, safe sex and consensual sex are discussed.

 For more information call me at 267-424-4699 or email

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Sex Questions from The University of West Florida March 12, 2012

Posted by River Huston on Sat, Mar 31, 2012 @ 08:48 PM

Here are the Sex Questions from UWF that were sent by text message during my show SEXED on March 12, 2012

All the answers to these questions can be found in SEXED: Tales of a Textrix available as an ebook on

describe the image

how do you squirt?... is it pee?

What do you do when a guy wants to dick slap you?

How can a girl make her vagina more pleasurable to her man? (how can she get tighter)

Lesbian sex? Let's talk about it!

How long does it take an average girl to have an orgasm?

What's your favorite position??

Can you put a condom on that big black dick with your mouth?

What do you when your doing Anal and poop comes out on you

What is a quick way to make a girl ejaculate?

How's the best way to give oral sex?

Is it bad if a guy cums on my face and it gets in my eyes?

can you show us how to use a dental dam

Can you put a condom on the black penis with your mouth

is it true that semen is good for your teeth? And why?

Can I still pleasure a girl if u have a tiny penis?

Have you learned any crazy positions in different countries?

What are the dangers of anal sex?

What if you get poo on your penis?

How do you prevent poo on your penis during anal sex?

How do I get my partner to consent to deep throating

Is it bad to suck a guys wiener when its sweaty?  

Why do girls líke whisky dick so much?

What's your opinion on "tossing someones salad"

What does it mean when I can't stop queefing

Is it true if you drown in the pussy then you swim to the butt???

Are you married?

how do you give a rim job?

Where'd you get that big black dildo?

Give us example of head

Can I have your big black dildo?

How do i get my boyfriend to last longer?

Can shit come out if you do anal?

What does it mean when you go down on a girl and it smells like fish

Is it wrong to eat butt

is the saying true,"if you don't use it, you lose it?"

Scratch that...... What is the best position to make a girl cum?

I have a small pp, but girls want a longgggggg dick. I lay it down though. Any advice?

Why do guys randomly get hard?

Is spit good lubricant?

What is the pleasure in licking a butt hole?

Is it bad that I'm a girl and your giving me lesbian vibes?

I'm a lesbian and my girlfriend and I have been together for 2 years and she's always extremely horny and sometimes i can't keep up. What causes her to be horny 24/7? (we don't use any form of dildo or vibrator and never have)

Can cum whiten ur teeth

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How To Put A Condom On With Your Mouth

Posted by River Huston on Thu, Dec 15, 2011 @ 06:14 PM

Here is the link to the putting a condom on with your mouth video



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Living With HIV Blog

Posted by River Huston on Wed, Dec 14, 2011 @ 07:43 AM

I have been guest blogging for the 2 months. I will post the links to the blogs here daily.

Christmas and HIV

Christmas time in the tropics

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Text Questions from Lebonon Valley College

Posted by River Huston on Wed, Aug 31, 2011 @ 10:30 PM

Here are the text questions from the audiences at Lebanon Valley College. The questions with asterisks are answered in my book SEXED: Tales Of a Textrix. The other questions will go in the second edition at the end of the year. If you need an answer urgently please e-mail me at

  • Hey have you ever been in a porno?
  • What happened to your friend that night?
  • How come if a guy is accused of sexual harassment even if he never said anything to the girl himself he gets on trouble...
  • Is the hiv test expensive?
  • Are you a christian?
  • Is 3 inches a big Dick hard?
  • Are you rich?
  • *I was raped when I was 14 and I'm 21 now. How do I help myself and my boyfriend cope without seeking professional help?
  • Would u like to be in a porno?  I can arrange that?
  • Whose your favorite painter
  • I'm above average ;)
  • *How nice is the carribean?
  • Good job
  • What is the Capitol of Vermont?
  • Thank you for the help!!!
  • What's the funniest pick up line you've ever heard?
  • You're amazing!
  • *How big is the average dick?
  • Your hilarious !!
  • How do you get over the guy you lost your virginity to?
  • Who is your hero?
  • Thanks for coming! :)
  • *have you ever been with a woman?
  • *Ru single?
  • What ever happened to the men who raped you?
  • Thanks for coming! :)
  • Thanks for coming to our campus! You were hilarious and touched on very serious issues.
  • Do you liek Mudkipz?
  • *Does the G-spot exist?
  • *How much sex is too much sex
  • *how do you tell your significant other that you were raped before the relationship and have an std?
  • whats ur favorite color?
  • What happened to your friend after the rape?
  • *When i was 15, my best friend of three years had turned 16.. I was at a party of his for his sweet sixteen and we went to watch a movie. He didn't get me to have sex, but he was very forceful. scared me to death. Is this common?
  • *What do i do if someone i like still talks to their ex?
  • Thank you for coming to our campus to share your stories!
  • *Why is it hard for girls to have an organsm?
  • What's the largest river in the world?
  • what happened to the man u fell in love with?
  • Do the guys in the front row look fly or what?
  • What do girls thing about winky faces in texts? Do they hate em? Or love em?
  • What's the pocket for in womens underwear?
  • What if you are with someone you believe you love and want to be with them but like others?
  •  my boyfriend raped me and we're till together, what should i do?
  • *Have you ever had anal sex?
  • *What are other reasons condoms break?
  • *Where can we get those tshirts?
  • How do you get through a guys mind that you like them and not just want to have sex!? Thats all they think
  • *Is anal good ??
  • What happens if you can't get it in?
  • How do i get birth control without my parents knowing, and cheap?
  • Whats the freakiest thing youve done?
  • marvel comics or dc comics?
  • *How can you tell if a girl is faking an orgasm?
  • Thank you. You are awesome never had a speaker like you!
  • *What is ur take on pubic hair?
  • I've been with my boyfriend for about 16 months and we've spent everyday together up until I left for college. We're 2 hour apart, I know it doesn't seem like a lot but ibfeel like it is. And he also expects me to not go to parties and hang out with other guys. Any advise?
  • *If a man and women are drunk and have sex, who is the victim?

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Sex, Sex and More Sex Questions

Posted by River Huston on Sun, Aug 28, 2011 @ 10:23 AM

I just started my fall tour and having survived Irene in the Caribbean she followed me up north. I was able to do the first two show at Steven Institute of Technology and The College of New Jersey.

Below are the unedited text questions from the audience. I have already answered  almost every question in my ebook: SEXED: Tales Of A Textrix.

 SEXED Ebook

For the question not answered I will answer them over the next few weeks on my Facebook page.


My boyfriend takes really long to cum. He's really good in bed but I feel  like I can't satisfy him.

 What about anal sex?

 I orgasmed from a back massage. Is it common to orgasm from physical activity other than sex?

 what are some of your best tips for giving a guy an orgasm?

What is good to tell a guy to help me orgasm?

 How do you feel about friends with benefits?

 My boyfriend always wants me to talk dirty but idk what to say

 How do u stop him from being aroused?

 What's the g spot??!?

 What is the J spot??

 What are you doing tonight?

 When will my penis stop growing

 Is it normal a girl to start bleeding after the first time she has had sex

 Craziest sex experience you have had?

 I like your shoes.

 If u wack off too much will u go blind?

Do you swallow?

 How so you deal with premature ejaculation

 How do I shot cum?

 Is it true if u don't lose it, u lose it?

 Favorite position?

 How many girls jumped up when you asked them if they masturbated today?

 4-5 inches? Was that mostly asians?

 What's a virgin

 Is it normal for girls to squirt?

 Where did you get that black penis from?

 How do you make your cum taste good?

 can it explode if i pinch too hard

 Do you masturbate??

 How often do u look at your vagina?

 What food can you eat to make your cum taste good?

 Why are girls horny during their period

 anything you can eat to make your cum taste better?

 I feel really unattractive. Do I still have a chance? Or am I going to be the 40-year-old virgin?

 Other than during their period, when are women the horniest?

 When are women most likely to get pregnant

 Sometimes when I try to masturbate I don't have enough to do one and when I do cum my masturbate is fire.

 What is the best type of emergency contraception?

 Whats the biggest dick youve ever taken?

 Best position for a college twin bed?

 Pokemon YouTube ?

 Does listerin really make blow jobs better?

 How do u keep it quiet on the top bunk wen ur roommates asleep below u...

 Can you suck the sperm out with a vacuum to be safe?

 How well do condoms with spermicide work?

 Shave or wax?

 Is it true that if a girl is on the pill and a guy cums in her there is no chance the girl of getting pregnant

 Thank you very much for the presentation, it was really informative and your story is really inspiring.

 Hello. I know you told us not to text after the show, but I just wanted to say thank you, congratulations on being sober, and god bless about surviving HIV.

 Thank you so much for your talk today. It was hands down the best sex talk that ive ever had.

Thanks for coming and talking to us today.  I thought you were really funny but informative as well.  Sex talks like the one you gave today are the ones

 that really get the message across.  I like that you were very open and straight forward with us, especially during the question section.  Thanks again!

 Have you heard of any natural penis lengthening methods? Such as the slow stretching of the soft muscle tissue

 What happened with the guy after the positive test?

 Is a hurricane the best time to have sex?

 Top or bottom??

 What's the best way to prevent pregnancy

 This isn't a question, but you're an amazing and inspiration person.

 What is your favorite position?

 Is sex better with shoes on or off?

 how do girls masturbate

 I absolutely loved your show! Thank you so much

 Spit or swallow? Is it a health thing?

 Can you get pregnant from a dog?

 i want you to use the big dildo on me

 Is it true if you don't use it you lose it?

 Oral makes my girlfriend sick, why does this happen?

 Is it safe to have sex on a bunk bed?

 How do you talk about a fetish?

 what positions stimulate the clit?

 Have you ever encountered the clitisorous- rex?

 Whats a clitoris

 Are condoms dishwasher safe?

 Can you do the condom thing with your mouth again i missed it?

 What is the pink stretchy thing?

 Are gays really more at risk for aids and hiv

 You're amazing! Thank you!

 You're amazing

 I admire you so much. Did you end up staying with that guy who you got tested with? What happens if you put condom inside out?

 Have you ever seen 2 girls one cup

 Define: tossing the salad

 Is a stomach ache afterward normal for her?

How do u stop quiefing

I love you!!!!!

How risky is anal?

 How do u make sex last longer

 My bf doesnt care when i say no?

 If you squeeze your thumb it stops your gag reflex

 Where do you get your dildos

 Shave/no shave?

 What do I do if after I have sex my penis is covered in blood

 Wat if u hav inverted nipples?

 oral sex on a girl... where does the nose go?

 can i marry you?


 What is 69?

 whats your opinion on abortion?

 Does mountain dew lower ur sperm acc?

 What if hes too nervous to hold an erection before sex?

 I am gay. and i want to come out here like at home but im nervous of acceptance here.

 Why does it burn when I pee?

 How do u make sex last longer

 What would you do for a klondike bar?

 my  balls itch

 What size cup are you

 What if I don't have a gag reflex.....

 Whats a "hot carl"?

 How do u make sex last longer

 What does anal feel like?

 Have you ever used bacon strip as a sexual instrument

 If both parties are drunk, is it still rape?

 What's the best way to stop a drunk guy from raping you?

 If i drink a lot milk will i come more?

 What's the Most dangerous position

 Are rim jobs safe?

 Does anal feel good?

 Cleveland steamer?

 What do I do if I take my fingers out and they smell really bad?

 Is there a such thing as too much sex?

 What happens when a queef smells like ass

 Should u be scared to have anal sex because of poop coming out and saying hello

 How do u make sex last longer

 I'm too insecure about the smell and look of my vagina to let him give me oral

 What are some interesting role playing ideas?

 Is it true if you don't use it you lose it

 Do you support manscaping?

 Do you recommend a strap on?

 What position stimulates the clitoris more?

 Do you believe in the g spot

 Great show!

 What's the best way to achieve an orgasm for a girl ?

 I just started having sex for the first time two months ago with my boyfriend but almost every time it hurts and I have to ask him to stop. Why? Help!

 Can you still get pregnant if the cum doesn't go inside you

 whats the weirdest object youve used to masturbate?

 I'm gay and my boyfriend has had sex in literally every position and any place you can think of. What can I do to keep him from getting bored?

 A girl once told me during sex that I was "damaging her walls". What exactly did she mean by that. From Darrel F.

 How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

 If pullout works 50% of the time and the rhythm method works 50% of the time, if you use both will it work 100% of the time?

 Are there really women without a clit?

 Whats your position on threesomes

 What is your religion?

 How do i shot web?

 Are you married?

 How do you shave your pubic hair

 Why do girls use a death grip for handjobs?

 Best position?

 Do you squirt.......?

 Should I wear a condom when I butt fuck my girlfriend?

 Can you have children?

 Am i too small?

 How often do you masturbate?

 Can AIDs be transmitted through saliva?

 Is it wrong to not want to have sex?

 You think watching a lot of porn would spice up sex? When me and my girl are ready to do it, safely, of course :)

 I've never had an orgasm during sex.. What can I do to get one? - from a girl

 You are inspiring and beautiful.

 Is it weird that I love to queef?

 What the hell is a hymen?

 For girls who don't "know how" to masturbate, how should she learn?

 How do you bring up trying different positions with your partner?

 Does having a number really matter? Like how many sex partners?

 How did your husband react to you HIV confession??

 Does size matter

 Tips for having sex with someone who has an uncircumcised penis?

 I know you mentioned porn could be bad.  Is that because it isn't realistic?

 How did you become so confident?

 If you are a woman and use birth control but not a condom during sex, what is the chance that you'll get pregnant?

 Whens the last time you had sex?

 How old are you?

 What do you do when you never had an orgasm

 What is the average size

 Does pulling out work? Also, is anal an acceptable to prevent pro-creation?

 How did you get over all the negatives in ur life? gurrrl

 Biggest penis you've ever encountered?

 My bf wants me to fist him, but he doesn't want me to get anal lube because he's so embarrassed about it.  What should I use instead?

 How do you bring up kinky stuff like spanking? Ps tell them it's not the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean

 are fetishes bad?

 whats the weirdest object youve used to masturbate?

 can you have too much sex?

 Why are black  guys bigger.

 Does pulling out work? Also, is anal an acceptable to prevent pro-creation?

 Is back door no babies a practical method?

 Whats the best song to have sex to?

 3.5"-5"... Erect?

 What island do you live on?

 How long does a guy usually last in sex; is half an hour pushing it?

 Can you get pregnant in a hot tub or just under water?

 Does pulling out work? Also, is anal an acceptable to prevent pro-creation?

 How long did you wait to tell your husband you're hiv positive?

 Do you like Asian men

 Why do you last so long in bed when you're high?

 Tips for having sex with someone who has an uncircumcised penis?

 Does the HIV effect your weight?

 Is it bad to not want to have sex?

 Why are pornstar vagina's so perfect

 Whats your favorite flavor ?

 Is there any true aphrodisiac?

Ever had a same sex experience?

 Girl advice! Don't let him anal u w/o lube. It hurts and I cried.

 Does it matter how long you wait for sex to hurt?

 Best condom brand?

 How can i get my girlfriend to sit on my face? And wiggle.

 What do i do when i do oral on a girl and it tastes horrible?

 Thank you for your presentation. It was very inspiring and memorable. I'm glad you came to tcnj!

 Does it really hurt for a female that bad when she loses her virginity?

 What are your thoughts about threesome

 Have you ever been to the asbury park boardwalk there is a store that sells wooden penis bottle openers and decorative ones you should get them for your house

 How was your first orgasm??

 Does it matter if you take your birth control at different times everyday

 If a girl gets a period in the ocean will it attract sharks

 I freaking love you!!!!

 what about waiting for marriage?

 Masterbation on washing machines. why?

 Are there buzz words you can say to help a woman to orgasm

 Is semen ok in your eyes?

 How can i get rid of a gag reflex?

 If a guy has cum on his hands and fingers you can you get pregnant?

 u look 30 from up here

 Whats your position on threesomes

 Okay so my friends and I have this debate all the time. What is the best "clean up" tactic? I think the jizz should just fly everywhere and shower after. They think before they come they should dress their dicks up like ghosts using tissues and come into them. Can I get an official answer on this?

What if ur 18 and still a virgin?

 Is Saliva one of the fluids that transmits AIDs

 How much lube should I put on for anal sex?

 Tell them to just tell their partner. If the person is worth having sex with they'll respect your sexual desires no matter what!

 can you still have sex with your husband if you are hiv positive?

 do guys with small penises usually drive big trucks?

 Wat causes da vagina to fart.?

 I really like ur body shape

 Do women find a foot fetish to be disgusting?

 How do you feel about having kids with the possibility of them being HIV positive?

 Why do you last so long in bed when you're high?

 How do you talk to your boyfriend about different sex positions that you would without it coming off cheesy and unsexy?

 River, You came to Stevens institute of technology the other day and I just wanted to say how amazing of a speaker you are as well as a person. When you wanted the room to laugh, they were laughing, and when you were sharing your personal stories everyone was quite and listening intently. I love your story and how strong you are as a person. You are an amazing women and I love how happy you are with your life even with the all of the things you have been.



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The Female Orgasm and Fetishes

Posted by River Huston on Thu, Jun 23, 2011 @ 12:02 PM

I have been posting daily sex facts and giving a sex quiz on my facebook page:

And I have been neglecting my blog and upcoming eBook of all the sex questions I receive through email, post and text. If you have sent me questions they are on my desk and I have dedicated myself to answering 10 questions a day. For some of the questions I researched the answers in several places. I gave a specific source if most of the answer was cut and pasted. Here are today’s 10.

Why can’t women relax enough to have an orgasm during intercourse?

We are often more emotional and mental when it comes to sex. If this is a problem for you, meditation is a helpful tool to learn to be in the moment. It will help you to relax and learn to enjoy the sensations that are going on during sex and to let extraneous thoughts that can distract or stress you be released.

Is it true that a woman’s climax is 10 times stronger than that of a man’s?

When an orgasm has been achieved through sex, you can measure theta waves. These are also said to cause the "running high" feeling of euphoria experienced sometimes by marathon runners. If theta waves are taken as a criterion, the entire brain emits theta waves when women reach an orgasm that is close to 10 times stronger than when men climax. So, if theta waves are an indication of an orgasm's strength, then a woman’s climax is 10 times stronger

 What happens if I never get an orgasm ever?

I would not worry about it. Just from the tone of this questions it sounds like you are very concerned but believe me the more you worry the less it is likely to happen. I would experiment with masturbation and sex toys in particular vibrators that stimulate the clitoris. Give your self time a safe place and play around get into the sensation and let go. It will happen when it happens. If you have relaxed enough and have felt arousal, had increased vaginal secretion than you are probably in working order but if you do not feel arousal of any kind you might want to consult with your gynecologist.

 How many times can a girl get an orgasm in a day without it hurting?

 Infinite amount of times. It also depends on the woman. She might get a little sore depending on technique but she will not hurt herself.

What can increase the intensity of an orgasm?

Yes, the longer the time between orgasms can make an orgasm stronger also being excited and turned on about what you and your partner are doing can also make an orgasm stronger.

Why do women not always get an orgasm during sex? Why is it so hard for a woman to have orgasms?

For several reasons. One is that it is more mental for women and they are usually thinking of other things like what they look like or what is an orgasm if they had never had one before. Most women need a lot more foreplay and attention to the clitoris and their emotions than penetration.


Why do people like to be choked during sex?

The carotid arteries (on either side of the neck) carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the brain. When these are compressed, as in strangulation or hanging, the sudden loss of oxygen to the brain and the accumulation of carbon dioxide can increase feelings of giddiness, lightheadness, and pleasure, all of which will heighten masturbatory sensations. This is also called Erotic asphyxiation, asphyxiophilia, autoerotic asphyxia, hypoxyphilia, or breath control play. Colloquially, a person engaging in the activity is sometimes called a gasper. The erotic interest in asphyxiation is classified as a paraphilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association. Psychiatrist Joseph Merlino stated that it meets the criteria for a disorder "because it has the potential for lethality or serious injury."[1]

 1. Wikinews members (Friday, 5 October 2007). "Dr. Joseph Merlino on sexuality, insanity, Freud, fetishes and apathy". Wikinews. Retrieved 2010-03-02.

What is the definition of a ‘furry’?

*In the broadest definition, someone who finds the idea of anthropomorphic (humanlike) animals, in art, fiction, cartoons, costume, or other media, to be an appealing one. Furries are an extremely diverse group and no one furry may possess all, or any, of the traits typically associated with the group; furries can range from people who are fans of old Warner Bros. and Disney cartoons; people who* enjoy portraying anthropomorphic animals in art; people who enjoy imagining what a future, past or alternative world might be like if humans were replaced with or accompanied by anthropomorphic animals; and people who like wearing costume tails, ears and/or animal mascot costumes, to those who feel spiritual connections to animals or to the animal form; those who admire the beauty, power, speed or grace of of the animal form; those who believe they have empathy with or can communicate with animals, for example people who work with them; people who have a great deal of respect for animal welfare; and people who find the concept of anthropomorphic animals enjoyable in a sexual way.

* Urban dictionary

 What is a pink sock?

It is the protrusion of rectal tissue through the anus to the exterior of the body from excessive anal intercourse.

What are the health risks for golden showers?

Urine is only sterile when a person is of good health. This means that fungal, bacterial, and viral infections can all be transmitted through urine. The primary method of transmission is through an open wound, such as a burn or scrape, which means infection will occur more easily on the body than in the mouth.

The biggest health concern related to golden showers is hepatitis. Those suffering from hepatitis B can transmit the disease through their urine even if they aren’t showing any symptoms. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is another common virus that can be easily transmitted through urine, resulting in flu-like symptoms.

You also need to be careful when it comes to genital herpes, because an infected individual does not have to show any symptoms or open sores for transmission to occur. In fact, broken skin on the back, arms, or any place on the body may start to develop cold sores if infected.

The two most common STDs, chlamydia and gonorrhea, may be transmitted to the throat if ingestion occurs. Although transmission of HIV is theoretically possible, the chance of it occurring is very small. There are no known cases of HIV transmission through urine, but those who are already infected with HIV should definitely avoid watersports. Risk of a life-threatening infection is too high, especially when it comes to fungal infections like histoplasmosis, blastomycosis, and coccidiomycosis (valley fever).

One thing to keep in mind (apart from disease) is that certain recreational drugs and medications are usually present in urine in varying amounts. So if you have a drug test coming up at work, avoid engaging in watersports with those who partake in illegal substances.

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Txt sex questions & answers from Bryant University

Posted by River Huston on Wed, Mar 09, 2011 @ 01:57 PM

Here the text questions I did not get to answer when I was presenting at Bryant University on February 17, 2011.

Did u have sex after you found out u had HIV?

Yes, with both positive and negative partners. The general rule for me is not to let my vaginal secretion or blood into another person’s bloodstream. That leaves a lot of possibilities.


After you found out that you were HIV positive what happened between you and your boyfriend?

It was a short-term relationship. Once he found out he disappeared for a long time.


Was the guy really the one? No


What's your brother's name? Steve Shull


Are you still with the guy you got tested with in college? No

What are your thoughts on nuva ring? It is something you need to decide with you and your physician. If you do not want to get pregnant it is important to have a reliable form of birth control but know that it will not protect you from STDs


What did you boyfriend say after you got tested? He was in shock. He tried to comfort me but I think he wanted to get as far away from me as possible


What do you think about blumpkins? It is a person preference.


My friend was drunk and tried to have sex with a poster. Does he have a problem? Yes


Are u married now?  Yes, I have been together over ten years married for over 8 years. 


Is it true that if you don't use it you lose it?

No, you might feel a little awkward at first the most important thing is to communicate with your partner and find out what they like and go from there.


How long were u a dominatrix? I was a dominatrix for about a year.


How come when u swallow cum you don't get pregnant because doesn't it come out of your vagina? The semen is digested in the stomach so the sperm does not make it to the uterus to fertilize a possible egg that has found its way down the fallopian tubes from the ovaries.


What weed did you grow on your farm? All kinds of variations of sinsemilla.


Have u ever gave a dirty sanches? No


Can u put the condom on with your mouth again?

You can see a step by step tutorial on my facebook page:!/pages/River-Huston/53449996633?sk=app_2392950137


How do you feel about the pull out method? It is the riskiest sort of birth control and will also not prevent transmission of STDs. There is pre-ejaculatory fluid often involved and this is enough to transmit disease as well fertilize an egg causing pregnancy.


Do you know of many HIV positive people that have a lot of unprotected sex? I know some couples that are both HIV positive who have unprotected sex as well as couples where one is positive and the other is negative. In those cases they have made a choice together. If a person is on HIV medication and they have no detectable virus in their blood, the thinking is there is not in thier semen or vaginal secretion as well and they cannot transmit it for more info on this go to:  There are other people out there either that do not know they are positive and having sex or do know and just don’t care for a number of reasons including anger, resentment, denial and depression.


What's your favorite thing to do without a condom? Be intimate, present and loving in whatever activity we choose.


Do u use sex toys? Yes!


Can do it in the butt and not get aids? Having unprotected anal intercourse is the riskiest form of sex because the fragile tissues lining the rectum are vulnerable to breakage allowing semen to enter the bloodstream in this manner.


Do you have kids? No I have dogs and chickens


How do I make girls wet? Every girl is different and it is important to learn what turns on each individual person. You can do this by talking or when you are being intimate to see the physical results of your actions.


How do you know if a girl is really faking it or not? Sometimes it is very hard to tell but when I women climaxes there are physical signs An orgasm consist of rhythmic muscle contractions occurring in the outer third of the vagina as well as the uterus and anus. The skin flushes, areoles get darker, muscles keep contracting, and blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate  increase. The first muscle contractions are the strongest, occurring at a rate of about 1 per second. As the orgasm continues contractions become less intense, and occur at a more random rate as the orgasm draws to a close. But if a womeen chooses to fake it sometime her exertion can mimic some of these signs. 


How much does the black dildo cost and where can I get one? I think it was about $35 and I got it at the Pleasure Chest in NYC I am sure you can find something similar online.


What is your favorite position? There are many but the questions for me is who is my favorite sexual partner and that is my husband.


What's the best way to initiate a threesome? With lots of communication. If one person does not seem especially in to it and they are your primary partner, forget about it. It spells disaster for the relationship. If it is two women/men that you are not currently involved with, start a talk about sex and lead into it. It is important to  be sober so that there is no mixed communications going on and everyone agrees on whatever ground rules or boundaries you set.


Can you put the condom on the black dildo with your mouth? No


Have you ever been with another girl?  Yes several I feel I am bi-sexual but prefer men.


Is it true that when the red rivers are flowing, you take the dirt path? You can have sex when a woman is menstruating but if you prefer anal just make sure you ask they consent.


Is that dildo on stage a replica of Franck’s cock? I don’t know Frank but I don’t think so.


Thought on anal??? It is up to each individual’s personal preference most important thing is to be safe by using lots of lubricant on the out side of the condom and going slow to start.


Is it weird to have sex with stuffed animals? No, it is a personal preference and there are whole groups of people who enjoy this activity.


Whets the best way to initiate phone sex??    Any hints?? Go in the direction of asking more and more intimate questions if they seem to enjoy it then continue the conversation to whichever level feels comfortable for both parties.


What is your view on sex in the shower?

Sex anywhere that both people consent is fine as long as you are being safe.


Does anal hurt? It can especially if you have never done it before so it is important to go slow and use lots of lubricant on the outside of the condom.


Is it true that once you go black, you never go back? Not true.


Sooo like.... can i borrow that dildo some time? No, it is a demonstration dildo.


What does D.P. mean?  Dr Pepper? I am not really sure.


do you need a condom for anal? Absolutely


Should guys have pubic hair?  If it is their or their partner’s preference some good reason to have pubic hair- pubic hair retains pheromones, which attracts the opposite sex and keeps the genitals warm.  Neither is absolutely needed to survive so shave away if that is your preference.

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Island Living and TXT Questions

Posted by River Huston on Mon, Mar 07, 2011 @ 09:33 AM

view from ferry dock


I recently moved to a small island in the Caribbean and it has been a period of adjustment. It is amazing and beautiful and at the same time it gives you the opportunity to examine your life. (To know more about why I made this change in my life go to-

I became so involved in this process that I have been errant in my blogging! But I am back on it. To begin here are the text questions from my recent performances at  Providence College in Rhode Island. Bryant University, Rutger's University and University of San Diego will follow shortly.  I also want to let all of you know who sent me questions (which are many) unless it was marked urgent the answer will float into your in box soon! to stay updated of when things are posted got to my fascebook page

The texts below are from a presentation on drinking responsibly and sexual assault. It was mandatory attendance for all the athletes at Providence College. While I am on stage I invite students to text me about any of the content I am presenting. These are txts I did not have a chance to answer. I left out about 20 texts, asking me to marry them, perform certain sex acts and the many requests for the vaginal secretion story.

What's your best drinking story?
I don't remember because mostly I was too drunk and in a blackout. Really none of it was that great, I just got into a lot of trouble woke up in a lot of strange places with strange people!
Is it true if you don't use it you lose it? No, you might feel a little awkward at first the most important thing is to communicate with your partner and find out what they like and go from there.
What happened to your friend that night when you got dropped off by those kids? She got a way and because we had lied about where we were and she was very drunk she did not tell anyone about what had happened. (This is reference to a sexual assault)

How do you approach an alcoholic family member? It is very hard for a family member to be approached about their drinking one of the main components to alcoholism is denial. The best thing you can do is go to Alan on. This is 12-step program for family and friends of alcoholic. They will help you better understand the disease of alcoholism and the best ways to cope.

Let's hear the vaginal secretion story! I will post a video by the end of the day.

How did your brother deal with and overcome the peer pressure of his friends and teammates? He was extraordinarily focused on his goals and became a leader on his team and with friends so they followed his lead instead of him following anyone else’s. (My brother played on The Miami Dolphins in the Eighties)

Wat size shoe do u wear?? 7

How much could you drink in your prime? Not much, I got drunk very easily!

Have you ever pong dunked during an intense game of beer pong? No

I'll pay a couple bucks to hear the vaginal story. It will be posted today free.

Wat is vaginal secretion? It is a lubricating fluid that is naturally produced in a woman's vagina.

Is river houston a band? No it is just little ole me and it is Huston.

What's the worst thing you've dealt with without resorting to drinking?

The first time I did stand-up comedy was Caroline’s Comedy club on Broadway In New York. This is not a place for amateurs especially on a Saturday night and while being taped for Comedy Central. A friend who had heard me had connections and hooked me up as the opening act. He was supposed to help me hone my material but disappeared for a number of reasons I won’t go into here. I thought this was my big break I was opening for Chris Rock, Darrell Hammond, Collin Quinn and several others that I have blocked out. This was being taped for a Lenny Bruce Memorial evening or something like that. I know the memory of Lenny Bruce was involved. I did my Famous Yeast infection bit, which I will find for you on tape and post, but after that piece things went very badly. I had earlier gone to comedy coach and he said I was too blue (for a Lenny Bruce event, really, the guy was arrested repeatedly for obscenity) But what did I know?  When I started my cleaned up material you could hear crickets and then the audience got hostile and I actually ran from the stage. Oh did I mention I invited everyone I knew? I was so bad even friends could not laugh.  I also invited, my publisher, editors all my New York people, most who did not speak to me for quite awhile after the event. Anyway I was hiding in the bathroom and I could hear Chris Rock on stage and the audience was not laughing (I did not exactly worm them up) and he told them if they did not start laughing he would bring me back on stage. I was mortified. I waited till the waitresses left before I came out of the bathroom stall. I played that agony over and over in my head till I realized no one cared and they all probably had forgotten about me and I didn’t drink. As much as I wanted to blot the memory out I just worked on my act and have not bombed since except this one time but it was okay because it was a weird corporate event and if I had done well there would be something wrong with me. This was a long answer!

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