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A River Runs Through It

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Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask.

Posted by River Huston on Fri, Sep 04, 2009 @ 02:20 PM

Sex and More Sex!

Here are the unedited text messages I received for the first three performances of the week. I was asked many more personal questions than I have ever been asked in person. Anonymity has it's benefits! There were a few really crude ones that were not really questions so I edited those out. Other than that and repeats these are directly from my iphone. 

The number one question which was texted over 14 times from different audience members was on how did I get that condom on with my mouth. So, I have posted the video tutorial below for all of you who want to give it a try.

The second most popular questions were on how to have the best orgasm.(You can find a lot of answers to that questions in my blog archives).

The most popular topic was about the anal sex.

Here are the questions. I will answer all of them over the next couple of weeks.

Whats the average penis size. My ex was only 4.5 inches.


What happened to your boyfriend after you were diagnosed with hiv

Is it wrong to have sex with a significant other when drunk or high?.

how did u ever find the motivation to move on

How'd you lose your virginity?

What happened to you dream guy?

Where can we c ur show?

Where does a tampon go

when i have sex i have a lot of pain and after it burns to pee how do you prevent that

you said you only have a few years to live due to HIV how did you end up beating or fighting it?

How did you get hiv

Do you know who passed the virus to you and do u talk to them?

how can i reclaim my body after childhood rape? thanks.

How can you make anal sex not hurt?

Can u teach us how to put the condom on with ur mouth

How do gay men have sex oral and anal i guess

Where has been ur best orgasm ??

Where is the nearest HIV testing center

whats the biggest dick u have ever dealt with

Do u regret ur earlier decisions in life about sex, drugs and alcohol?

My boyfriend has a 9 inch penis and it hurts after a while, how do I keep enjoying sex with that?

Do u like the black dick or the white dick?

do you swallow

How long did it take to over come HIV?

Are you still with that guy who told you about hiv?

Did you end the relationship with "the one" and if you did, have you found another "one"?

I think all girls should could down on there partner .. Am I wrong for thinking that ??

In ur experiancee, whats the average number of people a college student has slept with?

Why did you keep your ex husbands last name?

what if u never got the talk?

When and how did you lose your virginity

How do u say no

do u enjoy anal sex? is it weird dat i do??

How do you give head untam uncircumsized penis?

Is it true that using a condom doesn't give you as much of an orgasm as if you didn't use one?

Wut is a good sex tip for girls

Did you have sex after you found out you has hiv?

What's your advice on how to support your friend who has HIV?

How do u kno u have had an organism if u r unsure but da sex was still gud?

What r the best condoms 2 use

is it bad if i do that? use fruits and vegitables?

Wats ur websit

What if you were raped?

I like to fuck but, I have  this fear that men will abandone me.  How can I find someone I love, have sex w. me & still be with me 2morrow

Can u teach us how to put the condom on with ur mouth lol

Is it always that big when ur drinking?

How long has it been since you had sex?

how long have u been alive since u found out?

My uncle has HIV. What should i expect from it health wise?

How old r u?

Does the tampon go in the pee hole or the other one?

if he doesnt have aids do you not have sex with your husband?

Do u still have sex?

This isn't a question but Im so proud of you for being so strong becuz if it were me i dnt think i could do it

How long does it take for an orgasm  btw its anzie

Can two hiv negative people still get hiv from having sex even if its both of their first time

Do u find it sexy when guys suck your toes?

Did you have that baby? Or have any kids?

what happened to the baby?

I want to thank you so much for speaking today. I was raped on june 14 and had to go through a humiliating process and take  the AIDS preventitive medicine cumbivir, which demonstated to me the reality of AIDS. It has been a tough time in my life and you showed me its okay to hold on to the sex goddess inside of me. Thank you so much.

Are condoms recyclable?

where the lesbians at

what if your allergic to latex

how do u get  girl to do anal?

Is getting the money shot bad

Is it true that if you dont use lose it

How big does a penis have to be for stimulation

What do you do when your gf on her period?

Why are guys so obsessed about the size of their penis?!

how many ppl have you had sex w before you found out you had hiv

is it unhealthy to masterbate too much?

you ever get with a girl?

wats a snarling dragon

What if his cum shot blows the condom off

Can you use flavored condoms for vaginal sex?

Im mean whats you favorite position?

What is a normal penis size

Is a mans g spot n their anus

What happens if your partner doesn't like anal but that's what turns you on?

How can i make my bf last longer?

I heard a man likes to be stimulated near his anus is that true?

Ever get an angry pirate

if you're stressed out before you have sex, does it hinder your performance

What's the best position for an orgasm

Have you ever done a fruitcup?

R flavor condoms good?

Is 'the stranger' a good masterbation techique?

how can i teach my girlfriend how to put a condom on with her mouth?

Do you know what a blumpkin is

Does anal sex hurt

can u put the condom on w. ur mouth again?

Whats the best position for a female orgasm

what if it doesnt fit

Do u like facials?

Would you use saran wrap if there was no condom

Can a man wit a big penis damage something inside of a female

Im a female n my boyfriend likes having anal sex and I am okay with it to but its hurts sometimes when we do it. Is there an easier way?

Have you ever practiced BDSM behaviors, and what is your opinion on them?

What if it hurts time after time and you don't have an allergy to latex?

What's your favorite position?

Will you try to figure out who the number belongs to?

Does it feel good when guys take it up the butt?

Is it normal for a girl to not climax during sex?

Whats your favorite euphemism for sex?

is it okay to be a virgin at this age?

If you're in a relationship with someone who's been sexually violated, how can you help?

Whats the freakiest thing youve ever done?

Should a 34 yearold and a 18 year old be dating?

How do you avoid being played?

if you're having sex with a condom on can you still get herpes from vaginal fluids

How do u reach the ultimate orgasm as a female

Is it possible for a girl to cum more than once?

whats the best way two girls can have good lasting sex
im loving life!

Can u go over the exact steps for putting on a condom with your mouth?...thats soooooo COOL!

Why is religion so against sexuality?

Why are girls such emotional creatures?

how many people is it average to have sex with in college

i feel like the only virgin at college

What's nongonical urethritis?

was the swimming a good position?

How do u make giving head a better expirence ?? (Girl)

Do women get any pleasure from anal sex?

Wants the chance of getting pregnant if u don't use a condom but he pulls out

I'm a girl and my boyfriend wants sex every day . How can i say no?

Can W40 be used as lube?

Is it bad if you only call one girl after a threesom?

where can i find a dental dam? and can you please show us how to use it, very graphically

My girlfriend wants do some dometrix on me i'm scared how do i say  tell no?

What about animal fetishes

do you suggest watching porn during sex for mood or ideas

Is blueballs legit?

What are blue balls?

How do yu do the mouth condom thing?

h0w many ppl have u had sex with?

What's the best way to get my girlfriend to block out her stresses during sex

How do u rid the feeling of being fat while having sex

what do guys want with pubic hair

Is oral sex sex?

If you have had oral sex does that mean your not a virgin

teach the guys how to treat a woman in bed please

why do guys get a positive conotation  with sex but girls get a negative one? like playr vs slut?

Why is the clitoris gods gift

Is it true that it's rape if an older sibilng used to do stuff with a younger sibling but what was going on was never really understood by the younger sibling?

Can I have your dildo?

Talk about penis sensitivity

how do i nicely tell him to be more rough without sounding demanding?

Have you ever seen Mr. Hands?

Does sex feel good?

h0w d0es sex feel ?

Does sex feel better with an uncircumsized penis?

What do you consider is too soon to introduce sex to a relationshion at our age?

Do penises really get that big?

can we still text you after the program's over if we have a question?

Have u ever had a threesome

What's a frosty walrus? Abe lincoln? Gorilla mask? Superman that hoe??

do you enjoy anal sex?

Wen do i eat da box..wet or dry

How can i say no when my boyfriend wants sex allllll the time?

if you're having sex with a condom on can you still get stds/stis from vaginal fluids

I know you said not to text, but I just wanted to thank you for what you said. I was 16 when I was raped, and I still feel so wrong, but at least I'm not alone.

how do i tell my friends im waiting until im married without sounding totally lame when they ask me questions about my sex life?

When guys get blueballs, do they actually turn blue or does it just hurt?

How To Put A Condom On With Your Mouth from River Huston on Vimeo.

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